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Helping hospitality businesses save time, effort and money.

by My eChef on 05-Aug-2015
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MyEChef Ltd provides hospitality businesses, who have a catering function as one of their main profit centres, with a very cost effective, structured intranet to help them easily create, share and store business information.

At its heart is the principle of helping your team work more effectively so that your business can be as profitable as possible, by providing tools and support functions required on a daily basis to help your team undertake their roles and communicate required information, such as recipe costs and profit margin calculations, hygiene audits or event planning, more easily and effectively.

Designed to address the needs of independent and smaller hospitality groups, MyEChef was initially conceived by head chefs to make running the administration and training in the kitchen much easier, but has since evolved into a much more valuable management, communication, information and training platform for the whole businesses.

It allows business owners, directors and managers the platform to communicate their vision for the business and to standardise the way the business does things with the aim of fulfilling that vision, and if further growth is planned within a group we can simply add on the new sites to share your existing standardised information saving time, money and effort in creating a new business processes for new business units.

Whether it is our costing calculator to help chefs quickly and easily cost a dish to check profitability, or front of house having fingertip access to allergen information for each dish to advise customers, or even training new staff, the system offers a broad range of functions to help both established or developing businesses standardise and manage their prices, products and procedures on a single site or several, through the use of a single centralised information hub.

For more information please visit or contact Dennis in the Pembrokeshire Tourism Office for further details.

Additional details on MyEChef can be downloaded below.

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