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Membership Prices & Benefits

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The low cost of investment in YOUR future...

Activity Providers <30,000 visitors £110.00 
   Hotel/B&B/GH 1-5 Units £80.00
 Activity Providers 30,000+ visitors £205.00    Hotel/B&B/GH 6-10 Units £110.00
 Visitor attractions <30,000 visitors £110.00    Hotel/B&B/GH 11-20 Units £154.00
 Visitor attractions 30,000+ visitors £205.00    Hotel/B&B/GH 21+ Units £180.00
 Arts & Crafts £110.00    Pubs & Restaurants £110.00
 Cafe's/Coffee Shops £110.00    Self Catering per unit £80.00
 Caravan & Campsites £137.50    Suppliers £190.00
 Events £110.00    New enterprise supplier £100.00
 Shop £110.00    Others £80.00
 YHA/Bunkhouses £180.00    Skilled trades £80.00

Prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to an initial administration fee of £20 + VAT

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

uYour business profile on our website
uAccess to discounts on goods or services from fellow members.
uAccess to accredited training such as World Host, customer service and more.
uAn exclusive membership card with further great savings and discounts.
uPreferential rates from HSBC, E.ON and others.
uThe opportunity to save money at the pump with a preferential fuel card rate.
uPreferential offers on legal advice.
uUp to 50% discount on brown signs
uPreferential rates on card transaction services.
uFree or reduced price training courses.
uPreferential space and rates for events.
uAccess to key networking opportunities throughout the year.
uTrade and county representation not just in Pembrokeshire but also in Wales and on the UK stage.
uFree or reduced price social media training.
uMember referral programme.
uRegular newsletter.

 Becoming a member at Pembrokeshire Tourism is easy!
Call a member of our team and we'll do all we can to help, advise and tailor the best membership package for your requirements. Alternatively, drop us an email with any relevant information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.