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Pembrokeshire Tourism Members Blog

A wholesome start to the day

Maudie Hughes - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This blog has been written by Jayne Hancock of Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast. A long term member of Pembrokeshire Tourism, Jayne recently attended one of the workshops offered through Gallu and Ffres - read all about it below!

A Wholesome start to the day!

I was very fortunate recently to attend a Vic North baking class at her home just outside Cardigan. I particularly wanted to learn more about making bread with sourdough. I had learned about this in more detail on a Ffres trip I made to Gozo towards the end of last year, to investigate locally produced food. Here, in a bakery, they were making bread in a wood fired oven from a starter that had begun it’s life over 50 years previously, and was something they called the ‘mother dough’. It sounded quite complicated and slightly confusing, so I just stuck with packet yeast for my own bread making for my Pembrokeshire Breakfasts!

Anyway, a course presented itself just recently via Pembrokeshire Tourism, so I snapped up a place. Vicky is a lovely lady, very patient(she would have to be with me!) and took us through a very busy day full of bread making of many different sorts-we started with a wholemeal, then soda bread, then bread sticks, then a tear and share pesto and garlic loaf and lastly we came away with a sourdough loaf in it’s own proving bowl made and ready to prove overnight in our own fridges, so we could take it out the next morning, bake it and offer it to my guests! The heat of the car coming home however, made it start to expand to such a degree that Sue(my B&B friend that also nabbed a place) & I were concerned we were going to be smothered in sourdough! I’m pleased to report that it survived and baked well the following day..guests most appreciative!

So, I have been ‘dabbling’ ever since, and have successfully made a few good loaves-all going down well with guests and family alike. I am still struggling a little with fitting the whole 24 hours, starter dough business correctly into my day…you need a window of about 24 hours to make this bread from start to finish…but practice will make perfect I’m sure!

If you’re interested in attending a Vic North Bakes class, you can find more information

For more information on Ffres: or Pembrokeshire Tourism:

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